1) Solidarity: As a non profit organization, we strongly believe in the power of solidarity; the unity of belief to provide free access to education outside of school for all. 

2) Commitment:  All of our tutors are expected to be a part of The Learning Bridge for a minimum of 5 months after being paired with a student. Obviously, this period can be extended to your preference and liking. The amount of hours that you put in depend on you and your student as we value your time both inside and outside of The Learning Bridge. 

3) Communication: Communication is key as part of The Learning Bridge. With a team of over 100, we expect all our tutors to read and respond to our texts and emails as soon as they can to make sure everyone is on track and on the same page. 

4) Accountability: When you tutor your student, we completely rely on you to keep communication with both the student and the parent. This accountability goes from knowing what you post online in representation of The Learning Bridge to making sure you are at every meeting on time. We rely and put a lot of trust into our tutors as we know and understand the passion behind their role in The Learning Bridge. 

5) Passion: Passion goes with solidarity. Our tutors must have passion for not only teaching but to inspire others just like them. We want or tutors to be happy as a part of The Learning Bridge and with that, they must like and strive to bring out the best in what they do. 

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              Tutor FAQ's           

Q: How many hours to I have to put in as a tutor?

A: You can put in as much as you want to. Most of your hours will come from the tutoring itself (a minimum of 2 hours per week) and will depend on the schedule you make with your student. Any work outside of these hours will be up to you. 

Q: Do I get paid as a tutor?

A: No. The Learning Bridge is a non profit organization that offers free tutoring to the public. This means all your tutoring will be voluntary and will not be paid for by the students, parents or the organization itself. 

Q: What other opportunities can The Learning Bridge bring me other than being a tutor?

A: After signing up for The Learning Bridge as a tutor, you can join The Resource team, The Hub team and so much more. If you would rather collect resources and decide that tutoring isn't your forte, we will be more than happy to accommodate you to your needs to bring out the best within yourself 

Q: What grade do I have to be in to be a tutor?

A: We mostly look for tutors who are in Grade 10 and up however if you have exceptional knowledge in a specific area and are in Grade 9 and under, we will conisder you as well. We also have University students as tutors who host office hours. If you are interested in joining The Learning Bridge as a University student, we are more than happy to welcome you to our team. 

Q: Can I attend Office Hours as a tutor?

A: Yes. Office Hours (learn more here) are open to the public and are hosted by our university students. Our tutors are free to join our Office Hours as well with any questions they have about school or even university itself. 

Email: hr.learningbridge@gmail.com
Call : 604-499-0203