welcome to the student lounge

Here you will be able to find everything you need to know if you are interested in being a student at The Learning Bridge. We have included FAQ's, resources and further information if you are interested in signing up with our organization


                    Our Programs:                  

Online Tutoring: 

The Learning Bridge online tutoring program is where your child is paired with a tutor through who is specialized and filled with knowledge on the subject you are looking for help with. Not only do we hope to provide you with subject knowledge, we aim to give both you and your child the best tutoring experience, for free. 


Our organization also believes in the power of solidarity as well as the passing of knowledge through free tutoring and mentorship. Our tutors have gone through a one-on-one interview to ensure that your child is getting the best of the best. All our services our free and are done through volunteering by our tutors. 


The Learning Bridge provides FREE resources on all subjects from grades K-12 on our website, for you to access. The resources are hand picked by our Resource Team who check the credibility of the resource and knowledge that can be gained behind it. 

From worksheets, textbooks, videos and websites, we base all the resources we provide off the core competencies from your grade's course curriculum. 

To access these resources you must sign up and create an account for free. 

Homework Help: 

If you have a question about homework or anything at all, the homework help submission sheet on our website provides you a non-commitment required opportunity to ask our tutor any question and receive an answer within less than 5 hours. 


Our tutors will receive the question and answer your it to the best of their ability as well as provide you resources in taking your critical thinking further. 

Office Hours: 

Our university student tutors host office hours for every subject every two weeks. Office hours allows you to come into a Google meets meeting where you can ask any question on the subject that the university student is majoring in. 

In order to receive and know our office hours schedule, you can email us (learningbridgeyouth@gmail.com) or follow us on our Instagram (@learningbridgeco) where you can receive updates on our office hours and more which will allow you to sign up to access the meeting password. 

Group Sessions: 

For our grades K-7 classes, we host group sessions of 3-5 where students can both learn and connect to others like themselves. These group sessions are run by our tutors who help the students personally on any subject that they need. 

If you are in grades 7 and up and would rather be in a group session or have a group of friends that require mentorship from a tutor, you can email us (learningbridgeyouth@gmail.com) and we will accommodate you with what you need.

            Student sign up process         


Step 1: After you decide that you are interested in being a student with online tutoring, you can sign up to become a student here.

Step 2: Once we have reviewed your form you will receive a call back within 2-4 days where we verify your information and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding becoming a student of The Learning Bridge or even the organization itself. 

Step 3: Once we have finished all of the above, we will match you with the perfect tutor for you. This tutor will be able to fit your schedule, learning needs, and most of all, your preferences. 

Step 4: Once we have found you your tutor (which may take 1-3 days) we then pair you up through email where you can figure out a tutoring schedule to start your sessions. 


                    Student FAQ's                   

Q: Do I have to pay for a tutor?

A: No. The Learning Bridge is a non-profit organization with a collective goal of providing free tutoring to all students around the world. We have students from Canada to Australia who receive our free tutoring service. If your tutor at any time asks you to pay them, please contact The Learning Bridge admin at learningbridgeyouth@gmail.com right away. 

Q: Are your tutors knowledgeable and can I trust my child with them?

A: All of our tutors go through an interview process where only the best of the best are accepted to tutor your child. This means someone who fits all the tutor expectations of being reliable, ethical, and knowledgeable. After the interview, our tutors also are required to attend a tutor workshop which goes through all the rules, regulations, and conditions. Everything during your tutoring session is recorded through meeting notes by our tutors so we can review any potential problems that potentially occurred. 

Q: Can I choose my own tutor?

A: If you know a tutor who is part of The Learning Bridge and prefer to be tutored by them, please include their name in your application form or email us (learningbridgeyouth@gmail.com) later on so we can accommodate you. 

Q: How many hours can I be tutored per week?

A: As much as you and the tutor can fit in! Please keep in mind that our tutors are also students themselves and have their own school work and extra curricular events. Our average student is tutored twice a week.

Q: What if I want to switch tutors?

A: If you prefer another tutor or want to switch for a reasonable reason, we will go through that process with and for you. We want you to be satisfied with your experience at The Learning Bridge. 

Q: How long do I have to be a student for The Learning Bridge?

A: As long as you want or need. If you are working on a school project and require a tutor for just a few weeks or need a tutor for a whole school year, the choice is up to you.

Q: What can I do if I'm not satisfied with the tutor experience I am receiving?

A: Email us at learningbridgeyouth@gmail.com with your tutor's name and complaint and we will make sure to figure everything out for you as soon as possible. 

Q: Where can I go to ask any further questions?

A: You can email us at learningbridgeyouth@gmail.com for further questions.