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About Genius Hour


Genius Hour is a place designed as a professional outreach program for 8-12 students. Through this, University Students, Professors, Teachers, and Professionals who are
knowledgeable in their field are welcome to share their working experience, or teach a specific topic at an introductory level.  

These seminars will be held live digitally on platforms such as Google Meet for an hour. All classes will be FREE as we hope to empower the youth by providing education that is accessible to everyone. 

Our goal with Genius Hour is to provide resources and professionals who are able to inspire, motivate and move youth to discover their passions and drive; bringing forth an opportunity for growth and solidarity.

We hope you join Genius Hour! During these trying times, students have lost access to
outreach programs previously available. Genius Hour hopes to support our youth by
making seminars and workshops like these accessible and free for students!



Q: Where can I find meeting codes?

A: You will be required to fill out a form which will provide you with the meeting code. 

Q: Where can I find updates for seminars?

A: Updates for seminars will be on our website on this page or on our Instagram @learningbridgeco. 

Q: How can I become a speaker?

A: Click here to learn more about becoming a speaker!

Q: What kind of topics will be discussed?

A: Topics discussed will be based on the professor, university student or professional. We try to find and accept all forms of interests to provide a wide range of subjects for you to choose from and attend.

Q: Does my camera and mic have to be on?

A: No! This is completely optional. 

Q: How much does this cost?

A: All sessions are FREE of charge! The speakers are volunteers and hope to provide a space where all students and develop and find their interests. 

Q: Can I ask questions during the seminar?

A: Yes. Asking questions through the speech is up to the speaker however there will be a designated Q&A period for you to ask any appropriate questions you may have.

Q: How long are the seminars?

A: Seminars will be around 1 hour long through Zoom. 


Become a Speaker

We are looking for professors ,2nd-4th year university students as well as professionals to become speakers. If you meet these basic requirements click on the button below to learn more and sign up!


Our Speakers

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Gary Wang Head Shot.jpg

Dr. Gary Wang

Professor, School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Click here to learn more about Dr. Wang

Seminar Date: July 6 3-4pm