A message from the founders...

As two International Baccalaureate students at Semiahmoo both Esther and Stuti have come to value the importance and significance a tutor can bring in someone’s lives. Whether that be for homework help or just to talk about our interests, they have definitely inspired us and brought out potential within ourselves that we didn’t even know about. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, we saw school closures coming from a mile away, and as highschool students, we understood the fear that comes across with uncertainty. By taking advantage of our resources and time, we created The Learning Bridge; a free tutoring platform so all students can be inspired, motivated and aided to reach their full potential. 


As of late May 2020, The Learning Bridge has around 80 students and 50 tutors, making us a team of over 130. As a collective team, we honor and recognize the power of solidarity; making The Learning Bridge a strongly unified team of youth with a collective goal to better the world around us. We want The Learning Bridge to be for everyone and of all people to access, which is why we provide free resources on our website for the public to access at any time, for their own personal use. Not only do we hope to empower our students education wise, we also hope to inspire them and lead them in developing their interests and initiatives. As we work from grades K-12, we aim to provide both students and parents with an optimal level of experience with tutoring. As most of our tutors are IB students, the capability of knowledge is recognized and passed on from youth to children. This action is seen as a symbol of hope in the middle of a world crisis; where youth are helping others just like them succeed, lifting each other up in a world of chaos. This exchange of intelligence is truly the beginning in a tunnel of light amidst a world currently filled with uncertainty. 

We welcome you to join us on a journey where we bring out the potential within ourselves and others through the power of knowledge and education.